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Love & Process – Custom Wedding Invitations

post by nat

Today we’re blogging about another of our preferred wedding vendors, Love and Process. We met Jenn and Derek at their home/work space for a morning Q&A about their business Love and Process. They provide custom design for invitations, and any other stationary you could think of for your wedding day. We chatted with them about why they love what they do and saw so much of the work they have done. We were greeted by a ‘Welcome Matt & Nat’ message and some delicious homemade banana bread :) Here’s what we talked about and why you should hire them to help make your day reflect who you are as a couple!


Love and Process really started as a hobby. Jenn & Derek were married in 2009 and that’s when they developed their first pieces. Both having a design background they started gifting their talent to friends as wedding gifts when their friends would get married.  They soon discovered they loved what they were doing and wanted to take it a step further and develop a business. In 2012 that dream  became a reality, Love and Process was born.


Jenn what’s your favorite part of the business?

Being able to almost relive my own wedding with each couple. I love finding out about all the other details of the wedding day; dresses, flowers, decor etc. All of these details really help me envision what the wedding will look and feel like.


Derek’s what’s your favorite part of the business?

I love seeing our work displayed at the weddings we have attended as well as hearing from the couples (and the parents, grandparents and friends) how much they loved our services. Plus we’ve gained friends throughout the process! It’s great to meet new people and hear their stories. We also get to reconnect with past friends and be a part of their wedding and catch up on the years we’ve missed.


(I love this ceremony program!)


Jenn also loves destination weddings. She feels that you really get to go and forget about everything else in the world. You get to be their with family and friends and really spend a great time celebrating the couple. The focus is totally on the couple for that amount of time and it’s such a great celebration.

(And speaking of destination weddings check out this invitation for a Florida wedding. How great is the cut out response card?!)




What is the most challenging part of your business?

Derek – I think budgets for couples. We want to give them everything they want and more, but it always come down to does it fit in the budget. We really like to find ways to make it work. We try to give three different quotes, so they have options and know what things will look like within those price categories. Every project is unique, so we spend a lot of time researching to find options that will work within the couples budget and still get the product they want. Each wedding is so unique so we really want to come up with something that is made just for them. The other difficulty for us would be that this is a side business, so we can’t do as much with it as we would like sometimes. We can only take on so many projects at once.


What is one question that you feel is important to ask when looking for a designer?

First of all I would want someone who is doing something completely different. We are offering custom work. If they can come to us and give us a crazy idea, we’ll do it. We try to come up with really creative solutions. The most common questions we get have to do with timelines and budgets. I think it’s important for people to put a lot of importance on this (the Stationary) part of their wedding day. It’s the first thing a guest will see and defines the whole vibe of the day. The most helpful thing for us is when a bride comes somewhat prepared to us and knows what she wants for the day. It helps us narrow in on a solution that will give her the design she’s looking for.



How does the creative process work? How do you go from the meeting with the bride to what they want their wedding stationary to be?

Normally we show them a lot of samples and gauge their reactions to the different pieces we show them. After they leave our first meeting we talk about what they want and how they reacted to different sample pieces. And then, since we are both creative minded we sit around and brainstorm until the idea builds and forms into something that we can start designing. Some of our brides have some inspiration already saved, so if they bring that we can get an idea of the style, colors and feel of the wedding that they are going for. It’s really helpful to see that inspiration, it sets the mood for what they are trying to achieve with their wedding. After the brainstorming we would come up with three ideas complete with quotes. Then it’s the back and forth with the bride to come up with the final look that she wants. Once the product is completed and we get the product back from the printer Jenn packages up the final products really nicely, so it’s like the client is receiving a gift when we hand them their products.


How do you describe your style?

Jenn is very bold and colorful and I’m very minimalistic and neutral, so when you put those together you get our ‘style’. We are working to create something that will communicate the style of each individual wedding, so it’s hard to define. But I would say our style compared to other designers would be more fun, playful and modern. We prefer things that are more contemporary, modern and bold rather that the very traditional.


When asked what they love about weddings,  Jenn answered immediately with the point of the ceremony when the bride comes down the aisle. When she comes down with her dad or if there is someone else walking her down. She loves to know the backstory of the walk down the aisle.


Derek loves the celebration factor of the day. When you attend a wedding you don’t necessarily know everyone who’s there, but you’re all there for the one celebratory cause and that’s just awesome!


(Their fun, creative style really comes out in this set of wedding stationary)


The question everyone is thinking but doesn’t ask, why hire someone over DIY?

We are happy to work with people if they are wanting to use us for part of their stationary needs and use a cheaper online version for other parts. We’ve had people use an online printer for their save the dates and entrust us to the design of their invitations. We understand being on a tight budget, our entire wedding was DIY! So we like to take it a step further and help with that process, and try to make the whole package look and feel the same, even if they are using another printer/online company for part of it. And we’re happy to give suggestions for good online printers that will give them what they are looking for in say the ‘Save the Date’ that will match the rest of their stationary. Because this isn’t a full time business for us it actually allows a very personal experience for those that choose us to create their wedding stationary. We spend a lot of time with them and in the creative process to come up with something that works within their budget and looks amazing to tell their story. I don’t think that the online companies can really offer that.


(Gotta love the nautical theme)


We love to help tell your love story and we’ll do that any way we can! – Jenn & Derek


Jenn & Derek, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and share about your business! You’re work if fabulous! We’re looking forward to working with you more in the future. – M&N

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Nat’s Maternity Pictures

post by nat

My gorgeous wife has to be the luckiest girl in the world. I know what you’re all thinking, and no it’s not because she married me, I have my flaws ;) She’s lucky because she got to have 3 maternity sessions. Benefits of being a photographer. I can only imagine how many photos we’re going to have of our little girl as she grows up. We spent the holidays in Florida and came across the beautiful Bradenton Beach. We couldn’t resist grabbing a few quick shots of Nat’s growing belly.


Love that hat.


Then we came home to winter and I decided I’d like to do a full maternity session with Nat myself. I wanted to do something we had never seen before.


Nat was once a competitive figure skater so we decided to take her back to her roots. We found a pond that was plenty frozen and had a blast skating around taking these pics….well she was skating, I was sliding around in the comfort of my boots!


I felt like I should be nervous watching her on the ice but I honestly think she’s more sure footed on skates ice than she is in normal life.


Her spins are my favorite to watch.



Yep she’s enjoying every bit of this :)


Nat’s parents sent us some mini skates for the session as well as a real pair of skates for when Baby T is ready to get on the ice with her mom.


Too cute!


Growing baby.


Classic Lancaster County pond.


Skating the day away.


Nat wanted me to be in a few pictures too so we had our friend Maryn take these shots for us. She’s super creative and talented. It was fun to see us through her lens. The rest of these pictures are from her with my editing.


That smile!


Baby bump.


Hey look, it’s me.


It was fun to have the shoot in our home.


It’s good to know she still thinks I’m hilarious ;)


Kiwi just had to join in, although she’s still a little wary of what’s coming very soon….




Mom, dad and baby.


We wanted to get a few in the city too, since we love Lancaster and it will be our baby’s first home.


Yep, we’re pretty excited to meet her!


Thanks again to Maryn for taking these shots for us! This has been such an exciting time in our lives and we can’t believe that any day now we’ll be meeting our child for the first time.

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    1. Florence Tilkin says:

      Waow MattNnatt … what beautiful pictures, It is so good to see Nat pregnant, I was hoping so much for you guys, it made me cry to Watch the pictures, you were such amazing DTS leaders, it is so good to see you building a family, I’d love to have coffee with you, I miss you .. all the best for the delivery, Joy, Peace, Love… Flo

    2. Ann Place says:

      Wow!! These pictures are fantastic! I tried to email the post to Melody, but it kept saying the image verification failed! Anyway, I know she would enjoy viewing them. Every single one is great. Matt, you captured some really special shots of your beautiful wife (and baby girl soon to make her grand entrance)! I can’t say enough about how remarkable the pictures are!

    3. Donna Ulrich says:

      Such beautiful pictures, for a beautiful couple!

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McAllister Family Portraits

post by nat

We had the privilege of taking some family portraits of a brand new little family a couple of weeks ago. Lauren & Brian and their cute 6 month old Kensley welcomed us into their home to capture some memories for them. What better way to celebrate your first child and a new home?!

A girl and her bear.


In Kensley’s room.


Some details, love how they decorated her nursery.


Fun with Daddy & Mommy.


Happy family.


Cuddle time.




Play time.


In their gorgeous kitchen. Lauren’s dad built this for them, stunning!


Baby legs.





Kensley in her crib.


It was great getting to know you guys! Thanks so much for having us take your pics. You have a wonderful family :)

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