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Cookies in the Mail – Fresh April Flours

post by nat

There’s just something about getting a package in the mail, it totally makes my day. So today when Matt & I got back from a meeting and there was a little package on our doorstop I instantly smiled :)

Now, this was no ordinary package. This one was filled with deliciousness…..yep I’m just gonna go ahead and claim that as a real word. You see Lynn is one of our brides from a few years back who has started a food blog Fresh April Flours and it’s awesome. I’ve used her recipes a few times already, though not as much as I would have liked since I’m usually the only one eating my own baking in this house. There is an exception to that rule though when it comes to cookies!

A few days ago Lynn posted on her Instagram that she would be baking up some cookies and would anyone like a package in that mail. Of course I said YES! And she made good on that offer. Now, I must admit my heart sank a little when I saw the package because I had already seen on her blog today that she had made cappuccino cookies and she mentioned me in the post so I knew they would be in the box. Let me clarify, I was thrilled for myself that I would be indulging in some deliciousness, but as most of you know Matt HATES, and I mean HATES coffee anything! But never fear, Lynn is awesome and included a small bundle of chocolate chip cookies in there just for him.

I got some pics of the cute package she sent before we devoured the cookies this afternoon, even Peanut & Kiwi got in on the goodness. You can find all of Lynn’s recipes on Fresh April Flours. Enjoy!





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Our Gorgeous Linen Albums from Madera Books

post by nat

Matt and I always look for quality, particularly when it comes to the books that will be holding the images we have taken for our couples most special day. We were recently introduced to Madera Books and instantly fell in love! We don’t take changing albums companies lightly, but felt that our previous one was not giving us the quality it had for the first 6 years of our business. So, last year we ordered out first Madera Book and it was everything we hoped it would be :)

So why do we love these albums so much?

1. Madera is an album company for professionals. Why is this important? Because it means that there is a standard of quality that we can count on each time we order an album. We know that the materials, colors, binding and cover will be perfection when it arrives in the mail. And that it will stay that way for years to come as it’s looked at over and over again to re-live those moments that go by so quickly.

2. The lay flat pages are incredible. The gap between the pages is almost non existent and makes those full spread portraits even more stunning!

3. The album boxes are perfect for each size/type of album (there are leather albums as well, but we’ll save those for another post). They protect these memories and look great while they do it!

We can honestly say we’ve never been so excited to get these albums out to their new owners :) So, here’s a little peek at what all the fuss is about. Featuring the stunning wedding of Kristen & Paul at Drumore Estates.


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Dinner and a Chat – The Pre Wedding Meeting

post by matt

Sometimes Nat & I are overwhelmed by how much we love what we do. We of course love photography and working together creatively is incredible, but it’s so much more than that. Take today for instance. We’re meeting Katrina for brunch at a random little spot we found called the Nottingham Inn. There’s not much between us and her home in Deleware. This little restaurant is simply amazing and worth the drive from wherever you are just to check it out. Great food, modern menu and great service to boot.

Even better than that though is getting to know Katrina better.  It’s about a month before her wedding and we’re sitting down and chatting through the details of her day. Which helps us to be the best photographers we can be and capture her and Jon’s wedding in a way that truely captures their story. We’re having a blast and can tell instantly that we’ll be friends for a very long time. I guess what I’m trying to say is “Thank You” Katrina and all of our couples for making our lives rich with your friendship. You’re the icing on our cake!


And thanks too for letting us take this gorgeous selfie with you :)

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