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Lancaster City Engagement – Heather & Trevor

post by nat

Heather and Trevor travelled to Ireland last year with Trevor’s family to explore where Trevor’s family came from. Little did Heather know that Trevor had something very special planned for that same trip. The day arrived that he was waiting for and off the went to the Cliffs of Moher. Once they got there he changed plans due to the crowds of people and little privacy for the moment he was hoping for.

He must have had the ring with him at all times, because he took a moment at the top of a very windy hill to ask her the question. It was cold and so windy, but it was just the small group of them, and it was Ireland and it was the perfect moment! She said yes and a new adventure for them began.

Heather and Trevor get married later this year so they decided on a June engagement session. They met us in Lancaster and we wandered around in the city for awhile before heading out to catch the last glimpses of the sun at Lancaster County Park.

Big smiles for one another.


Some more laughter.


Lancaster City has some pretty spectacular landscapes!


Love this one of them <3


Heather and her man.


A kiss.


She + He


Love in the city.






They make such a great couple.


Looking a little cheeky ;)


Just hanging out :)


Bride & Groom to be.


And then we went to catch a sunset <3


So pretty.


And a bit of silliness.


I love this one of the two of them.


End of the evening.


Heather you are stunning!


A kiss for his girl.


These two are so comfortable with each other.


Meant to be.


The engagement ring.


Congrats Heather and Trevor! We’re so looking forward to your wedding this fall :)

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Historic Acres Hershey Wedding – Edrea & Matt

post by nat

Edrea and Matt worked together at Best Buy, that’s how they met and let’s just say the first impression wasn’t what got them to this point ;) In fact Matt told Edrea he was very disappointed in her…. but it wasn’t all her fault. Thankfully they made it past that moment and she said yes to his proposal a few years later. They chose The Historic Acres of Hershey – Hershey, PA after looking at three different venues. They could just picture themselves getting married there and thought it would be perfect for their pictures as well!

They planned their wedding to have a vintage classic feel and to be a fancy affair for their guests. The whole wedding was classy and cozy with their colors, lace, pearls, JDK’s amazing food and the fire pits at the end of the evening. But as much as their wedding was everything they hoped for the thing they were looking forward to the most was being married! So congrats Edrea and Matt, we loved being a part of your beautiful wedding day!

The Historic Acres of Hershey.


Edrea’s beautiful gown.


All the pretty details.


Gorgeous rings! Hers are a Vera Wang set from Zales and his is from Kay Jewelers.


Edrea and her mom made all of the bouquets! It took the whole year to finish all of them, so impressive.


Getting her veil put in.


And into the dress.


Finishing details.


There’s just something about seeing yourself as a bride, it’s surreal :)


The gorgeous Edrea.


Those eyes.


Looking so bridal.


Matt’s girl.


Mimosa toast for the bride.


Sis and MOH helping Edrea get to her groom.


Stepping out onto the deck.


Matt getting all ready.


Her groom.


The bride’s people and the groom’s people.


Before their first look.


Their emotional First Look, love it!!


We wandered around the Acres with these two love birds.




So cute together.


In love.


A beautiful bride and her groom.


A little stroll past the barn.


Love this one of their details, so pretty.


In the corn crib.


He sure does love her.


One of my personal favorites from their day!


A quiet moment for the two of them.


And then their bridal party joined in.


A groom and his crew.


A bride and hers.


Their beautiful ceremony at Hummelstown United Church of Christ.


Officially Mr & Mrs.


Surrounded by bubbles!


Kiss for his Mrs.


Enjoying cocktail hour.


JDK always puts on a show for cocktail hour. Edrea and Matt were so excited for the mini grilled cheese with tomato soup shooters….and Edrea just went for it ;)


A few more pictures as they are officially Mr and Mrs now, sitting by the pond.


In front of the farmhouse.


So many kisses ;)


All of the great locations at the Acres and some of the stunning reception details. Cake by PA Bakery.


Their first dance.


Having fun :)


A great party thanks to Klock Entertainment.


What?! popsicles, a brilliant idea for those that love to dance the night away!


One last dance to end their party.


Cozy by the fire.


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    1. Esther's Barnhill says:

      It was a very beautiful wedding and a great reception and the weather was very good. We all had a wonderful day. CONGRATULATIONS MATT and EDREA may you have many happy years together. Love you both. Grandma Barnhill

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Lakeside Destination Wedding in Minnesota – Crystal & Travis

post by nat

Last October our dear friend Crystal came to visit with her boyfriend Travis. They were here for a few days to see us, meet Keziah and just catch up. Crystal was a bridesmaid in our wedding and has been an incredibly close friend ever since we were roommates in Australia, where we met. So, back in October we took them to Folklore Coffee Co one morning for breakfast and coffee and while we were there, me being the nosey friend I am I asked how serious they were. Actually I specifically asked them about marriage, which Travis took to be the perfect cue to pull out an engagement ring and ask Crystal to marry him!!

Let me tell you she was thrilled and shocked….and so were we! We had no idea it was coming and barley managed to pull ourselves together enough to get a phone pic of the moment. After tears, a big YES and us all coming back to earth we all realized why Travis had ordered two drinks and an unknown amount of food that morning ;) He was a little nervous and waiting for a good moment to propose while they were visiting us, but our time together was coming to a close and he knew it had to be some time that day….hence all of the ordering! It was incredible to be there for such a special moment in their lives <3

They chose a May wedding at the beautiful property her cousin has in northern Minnesota. And they wanted us to be there, actually they wanted me to be a bridesmaid and they wanted (mattnnat) to take their photos. So, Matt took on the photography side of things and I got into a teal dress and stood up  with my friend as she and Travis shared their vows to one another. Here is their beautiful day :)

A little bit of Ireland was entwined in their wedding, including their rings.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 01

Crystal’s dress was handmade in Canada from a wonderful little shop on Etsy.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 02

Crystal’s cousin Colleen was her hair and makeup artist for the day.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 03

Travis getting all ready and sporting a boutonnière straight from Ireland!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 04

Travis’s mom pinned it on for him.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 05

Bridesmaid details….I got to be the model for this one ;)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 06

Beautiful friend, just beautiful!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 07

Crystal’s mom put together all of the flowers for the day, including all of the girls bouquets!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 08

Their First Look was so lovely and a highlight of their day, even though it was a last minute decision!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 09

Pure joy.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 10

And a kiss.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 11

One of my favorite moments from their day….and one of the few moments I had a camera in my hand.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 12

A groom and his bride.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 13

Travis loves Crystal <3

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 14

A lovely moment.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 15

Getting the lipstick off of her groom ;) A common occurrence on a wedding day!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 16

Spring was still making it’s appearance in MN.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 17


Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 18

What a gorgeous day they had.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 19

And then Mr Henry joined them.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 20

Cute family.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 21

Being silly, they do that pretty well ;)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 22

Not only does the property have awesome woods, it’s also lakefront!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 23

Crystal and Travis on the unknown lake. It doesn’t have a name.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 24

Gorgeous May day!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 25

The bridal party :)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 26

Everybody was Kung Fu fighting… Travis and his brothers anyway, lol!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 27

The ladies.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 28

And the toes ;)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 29

I don’t even know what to say….

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 30

Crystal + Travis.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 31


Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 32

So many beautiful DIY details! The Mason jars and the flowers by Crystals mom, the awesome ring box and the hand painted signs by friends (and can I brag on Matt for a second because he stenciled them out).

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 33Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 34

Crystal’s niece made such a cute flower girl! Also there was a slight hiccup while Crystal and her dad were walking down the aisle, so she made her grand entrance to “I Feel Good”, which was amazing and saved all of us from shedding a ton of tears at that moment ;)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 35

Travis looking sharp.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 36

Their ceremony.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 37

All smiles.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 38

Sealed with a kiss.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 39

Their first dance.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 40

Cutting the pie :)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 41

Travis and silliness with his nephews, the ring bearers.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 42

Amanda is a friend of Crystal’s who we have met a few times and here she is with her David, we had a lot of fun getting to know David and catching up with Amanda too! Pretty sure these two should probably just get married… no pressure.

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 43

Reception highlights. There was a lot of musical talent, but I have to say that Grandpa on the accordion was my favorite!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 44

A little sparkler fun!

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 45

And a lantern send off in memory of those who couldn’t be with them……and there was a little laughter in this moment too since this was about how high the lantern went before it landed gracefully on the lake ;)

Lakeside Destination Wedding Photographers 46

Crystal & Travis, our warmest congratulations! We are so glad we got to be there for your wedding, to support you and capture these memories. Love you guys!

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    1. Mel says:

      Beautiful pictures Matt and Nat! Captured lots of beautiful moments of this couple’s special day!

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